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Last fall, Bolt Threads announced the Mylo™ consortium – four iconic companies that have banded together to bring Mylo to the world. In March, Stella McCartney offered a peek into her design process with the first-ever Mylo garments.


The bustier top and utilitarian trousers made with Mylo debuted in a Vogue exclusive feature and were worn by actress and environmentalist Paris Jackson. The garments’ designs are informed by Stella’s effortless sensuality and signature dichotomy of feminine and masculine attitudes. Both were handcrafted from panels of our Mylo material laid on recycled nylon scuba at the brand’s atelier in London, combining an avant-garde perspective with an athleticism aligned with both Stella McCartney’s Summer 2021 and Autumn 2021 collections. 

“I believe the Stella community should never have to compromise luxury desirability for sustainability, and Mylo allows us to make that a reality.” – Stella McCartney

One of the first designers to ever use Mylo in her studio, Stella has been instrumental in bringing the material to life and providing invaluable feedback to help evolve it into the high quality leather alternative it is today. These garments symbolize a new era of sustainable fashion ushered in by innovative partnerships between deep science and high design. While these garments are not currently available for sale, they demonstrate the potential of Mylo and pave the way for future commercial offerings.

Since the beginning, Stella has broken the luxury fashion mold by never using animal leather, skin, fur or feathers in her collections. Her innovative approach to luxury and advocacy for sustainable materials in the industry makes her the perfect partner in designing a better future with Mylo. The leather alternative is made from infinitely renewable mycelium, the underground latticework of fungi that provides nutrients to surrounding plants and trees. The scientists at Bolt Threads have developed a state-of-the-art process to grow and process mycelium into a material that is soft, supple, and completely animal-free.

As a consortium partner, Stella has continued to work with material samples and provide critical feedback during the development process to help give Mylo an unmistakable resemblance to leather with a low environmental impact. These pieces are a peek into the design process and what’s to come from Stella and the rest of the consortium in 2021.

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